About Our Games

The Arcade features several state-of-the-art arcade games, along with some unforgettable classics such as Space Invaders, The Walking Dead, and Twin Moto GP.

The ultimate arcade experience will be the XD Dark Ride, a multi-sensory interactive attraction that is virtual reality at its world-class best. It is the first simulator to blend a competitive interactive and reactive game into a 3D ride.

Experience the thrill of up to 400 mind-blowing movements per second and up to 2Gs acceleration.


Arcade Credits

No refunds. No split bills. No Membership discount applies. Available for purchase at the counter only.



$5 Credits (no bonus)
$10 Credits (bonus $2)
$20 Credits (bonus $8)
$50 Credits (bonus $20)
$100 Credits (bonus $50)



XD Dark Ride Prices & Games

No refunds. No split bills. 


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